Nail Painting

Butterbean was feeling a spa day, and painted our nails almost immediately after waking up.

1 Nail

My nails – excellent job, no?

my nails

The Bean fell asleep in the car, so Chase, the Sprout and I hung out in the yard while we waited for her to wake up.


She had a ton of toys, but preferred to read. That’s my girl!




Sick Day

The Bean stayed home from daycare today because she’s been sick, so we had a quiet(ish) day indoors.

Sprout had her first pancake. I’d say it was a hit, but I think she prefers bacon.


I start every day with a “to do” list, and Butterbean loves to make her own. Here she is listing all of the games she wants to play (“Baby” is at the top of the list).


We can’t paint without mixing every single colour together to see what happens. Butterbean never catches on that when you mix ALL of the colours, you always get brown – particularly when you start with black paint.


Sprout loves to take stuff out of baskets, so I gave her a box of Butterbean’s Little People stuff and let her have at it.

little people

Butterbean got a little lesson in YouTube today, and now she’s a pro. Her newfound internet freedom backfired when she chose a particularly sad Mickey Mouse video to watch (Pluto ran away on Christmas), and she LOST IT. She cried so hard, I thought she was physically hurt. It took a half hour for her to calm down. Poor kid.